Since about 40 years we seek an environmentally sensitive life. It is part of this life to use the ressources in a sustainable way, to recycle and repair as much as possible in order live environmentally friendly and with little money.

Thanks to solar energy, own water access and water conditioning we are now completly independent of water and energy public supply. We produce healthy and pure food according to the principles of permaculture and have rich and delicous harvests. During all these years we could observe that nature is recovering around us, birds, reptiles, and other wildlife animals increase in quantity.

We like to impart this functioning way of life. Interested people will find here the opportunity to adopt this knowledge and to practice it with us.

We especially address ourself to people that want to start a self-supporter way of life in harmony with nature.

To realize your project (own water supply, solar energy, landscape architecture, creating of a lake, etc) we can give you professional advice and practical help.


We like to impart our knowledge of permaculture and 40 years of practical experience.

  • Enhancement of soil
  • Sequence of planting
  • Irrigation system
  • Animal-rearing

Become a self-supporter!

Here you can learn how to independent from public energy supply.

  • Installation of a photovoltaics system
  • Advice for better energy efficiency

Wood and Metal work

Here you can learn welding and timbering

  • Professional use of the tools
  • Self made objects can be taken home

Building and landscape architecture

Here you learn the basic knowledge of...

  • Walls, foundations
  • Building a stable
  • Creating wells in the ground
  • Lake building
  • Install a irrigation system
Anschluesse legen

Watercolor and Acryl painting

Professional paint courses guided by Angelika Sennewald.

Angelika studies at the Karlsruhe Academy of Art (Germany).
8 semesters Fine Arts (Acryl, Aquarell)

Angelika Sennewald
  • The water color technique
  • Spotting the best motives
  • Hiking and painting