Trimming the Trees

The new lake! 2016

Property overview 2016

Animal husbandry

Planting trees

Spreading compost in spring

Harvest of oranges

Fruits in July

We can harvest potatoes three times a year

We have lambs twice a year


Sometimes there are twins too

We raise chicken and ducks for our own food supply

Hay week in June

Collecting the hay

We can harvest strawberries from April to July

From the fruits of the Metronho (strawberry tree that only exists on the iberian half island) people make strong Schnaps.

We have a lot of old olive trees, from which we get olives and make oil.

Fertilizing with rich compost results in good tasting, extraordinary big fruits. Here an example: Beetroot.

Result of good organic fertilizing

Grape harvest

Method for wine production in small quantities.

Cistus and wild Lavender are the source from which the bees produce wax and honey.

Freshly smoked fish


The natural watering place for sheep

The stone wall of the terace positively influences the micro climate.

Romantically intricated hiking paths close-by

View from the house

The Monte do Compromisso